Introductory Lacrosse (Spring 2021)

Boys Introductory Lacrosse with Coach Jones

Gr. K-2 Mondays @ WES; 4:00-5:15pm Mar 15-May 17 $350
Gr. K-2 Fridays @ WES; 4:00-5:15pm Mar 19-May 21 $350
Gr. 3-5 Mondays @ WES; 5:15-6:30pm Mar 15-May 17 $350
Gr. 3-5 Fridays @ WES; 5:15-6:30pm Mar 19-May 21 $350

This class is designed to teach proper lacrosse technique to first-year and beginning players through high-repetition practice and instruction. Our knowledgeable coaches will educate your sons on all the fundamentals of lacrosse, including how to properly throw, catch, cradle, scoop, and shoot.  We will also introduce full-field team concepts and game rules during our end-of-practice scrimmages.

Prerequisites: Full equipment (helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, and stick) and a willingness to learn!
*All required equipment is available for purchase at The Next Level Lacrosse Store.  If you need equipment, please visit our ONLINE STORE.*
Inclement Weather Policy
*If inclement weather forces us to cancel a fall clinic session, we will send an email  at least 60 minutes prior to the clinic start time
*If thunderstorms roll through during a clinic and a parent’s car is not present, clinic participants and coaches will take cover in the front of the school at WES, or front of the gym at The Heights, under a very large concrete porch
*As long as 6 of the sessions are held, we will not issue a credit or refund
*If less than 6 of the sessions are held, we will offer a prorated credit or refund to all clinic participants
  • For: All Positions
  • 10-Class Session
  • Class size: 12 players
  • Location: Washington Episcopal School (56oo Little Falls Parkway, Bethesda, MD 20816)