Dodge to Score (Spring 2020)

Dodge to Score

Gr. 3-5 Thursdays; 5:00-6:15pm March 5-May 14 (no class April 9) $375
Gr. 6-8 Saturdays; 12:45-2:00pm March 7-May 16 (no class April 11) $375

A critical skill for any offensive player is the ability to beat your man and create your own shot.  Dodging is a combination of speed, change of speed, change of direction, and craftiness.  Our coaches will teach all aspects of the key dodges that players will need to perfect to consistently beat their man.  This includes setting up your man, identifying and attacking your defender’s weaknesses, detailed footwork, double moves, counter moves, stick protection, exploding out of the dodge, and shooting.

*Prerequisites: 1+ years of lacrosse experience (grades 3-5), 2+ years of lacrosse experience (grades 6-8).

*All required equipment is available for purchase at The Next Level Lacrosse Store.  If you need equipment, please come to the store a day or two in advance of your first class if possible.*

  • For midfielders and attackmen
  • Class size: 16 players
  • 10-Class Session
  • Location: The Next Level (5420 Butler Road, Bethesda, MD 20816)