Face-Off Training [Travel Team Only] (Summer 2020)

Face-Off Training (Travel Team Only)

Entering Grades 3-5 Mon-Thurs; 4:45-6:00pm July 27th-July 30th $125
Entering Grades 6-8 Mon-Thurs; 4:45-6:00pm August 17th-August 20th $125

Considered one of the most important roles on a team, a face-off specialist has the unique ability to change and control the momentum of a game.  It is a position that requires strength, speed, and a chess-like ability to identify and counter the moves of an opposing specialist.  Our coaches will teach these requirements while focusing on proper technique, stance, hand speed, endurance, moves (clamp, jam, lazer, rake, etc.), and counter-moves.  This clinic will provide both individual and live reps so that each player can practice the coach’s instruction immediately.

*Prerequisites: Must be a member of any travel team.

*All required equipment is available for purchase on The Next Level Online Lacrosse Store – https://nextlevelspartans.com/shop/
  • For face-off specialists
  • Class size: Max of 9
  • 4-Class Session
  • Location: Washington Episcopal School (5600 Little Falls Road, Bethesda, MD 20816)