The Draw (Fall 2019)

“The Draw”

Training with American University draw specialists Kendall Goldblum and Emma Vinall

Grades 4-8 Fridays; 4:00-5:15pm Sept. 13th – Nov. 15th $360

Kendall Goldblum and Emma Vinall are masters at taking the draw for Division 1, American University. They have both set records along with being huge contributors to their teams success.

This clinic will teach each player proper draw control techniques including the push and pull methods. Players will learn how to gain possession by getting the ball to either themselves or to a teammate on the offensive end. Instruction will be given to each girl on proper body, hand, and stick positioning to optimize the percentage of winning the draw. Throughout these lessons, the coaches will emphasize mental preparation, leadership, and communication which are so crucial to being an effective draw specialist.

Prerequisites:  2+ years of lacrosse experience either on a team or clinics

  • Midfielders and Attackers who take the draw.
  • 10-Class Session
  • Class Size: 16 Players
  • Location: The Next Level (5420 Butler Road, Bethesda, MD 20816)