Offense vs. Defense (Fall 2021)

Offense vs. Defense

Gr. 3-5 Mondays @ WES; 5:45-7:00pm Sept 13-Oct 25 $250
Gr. 6-8 Fridays @ WES; 5:30-6:45pm Sept 17-Oct 29 $250

The Offense vs. Defense clinic is designed for players of all positions (attack, midfield, defense, and goalies). Our expert coaches will incorporate a wide range of drills designed to teach the skills required to compete at a high level.

For the Offense
This clinic will couple the essential technical skills of stickwork, shooting, picking up groundballs in pressure, and dodging from all areas of the field with concepts like offensive movement, and executing the pick-and-roll, etc.

For the Defense
This clinic will utilize an array of drills designed to teach skills such as both on-ball and off-ball defense, defensive stance, picking up groundballs in pressure, to defending from all areas of the field as well as concepts such as defensive slides and rotations.

*Prerequisites: Intermediate-level clinic (Must have one year of lacrosse experience).*

Inclement Weather Policy
*If inclement weather forces us to cancel a fall clinic session, we will send an emailĀ  at least 60 minutes prior to the clinic start time
*If thunderstorms roll through during a clinic and a parent’s car is not present, clinic participants and coaches will take cover in the front of the school at WES, or front of the gym at The Heights, under a very large concrete porch
*As long as 5 of the sessions are held, we will not issue a credit or refund (makeups will be offered when possible)
*If less than 5 of the sessions are held, we will offer a prorated credit or refund to all clinic participants
  • For: All Positions
  • 7-Class Session
  • Class size: 12 players
  • Location: Washington Episcopal School (56oo Little Falls Parkway, Bethesda, MD 20816)