The Crafty Attackman [Travel Team Only] (Summer 2021)

The Crafty Attackman (Travel Team Only)

Entering Grs. 3-4 Mon-Thur 4:00-5:15 July 26-29 $150
Entering Grs. 5-6 Mon-Thur 5:15-6:30 August 9-12 $150
Entering Grs. 7-8 Mon-Thur 5:15-6:30 July 19-22 $150

The best attackman are crafty and creative.  This clinic will begin with a comprehensive list of all the different ways an attackman can score and assist a score.  Once each player has all these options in their arsenal, the coaches will then teach when and where each move is most effective and what countermoves go with each situation.  Throughout these lessons, the coaches will emphasize general field awareness, game IQ, and proper stick protection.

*The Dominant Defenseman clinic will be going on simultaneously at the facility, allowing for a unique opportunity for both clinics to spend time sharing the whole field and going head-to-head so that new instruction can be put into practice immediately.

*Prerequisites: All players must currently be on a travel team roster.  To be considered for the clinic, please email Boh Mitchell at*

Inclement Weather Policy
*If inclement weather forces us to cancel a summer clinic session, we will send an email  at least 60 minutes prior to the clinic start time
*If thunderstorms roll through during a clinic and a parent’s car is not present, clinic participants and coaches will take cover in the front of the school at WES under a very large concrete porch
*As long as 3 of the sessions are held, we will not issue a credit or refund
*If less than 3 of the sessions are held, we will offer a prorated credit or refund to all clinic participants
  • For: All Positions
  • 4-Class Session
  • Class size: 12 players
  • Location: Washington Episcopal School (56oo Little Falls Parkway, Bethesda, MD 20816)