Two-Man Offense [INVITE ONLY] (Summer 2019)

Two-Man Offense (INVITE ONLY) with Coach Matt Marriott

Grad Years 2020-2024 Mon-Thurs; 6:30-8:00pm July 8th-July 11th $195

The Two-Man Offense clinic is open only to a select group of talented players who are invited to participate by Coach Marriott or Next Level coaches and directors.

This clinic is will break down the two-man offense and illustrate how it can be most effective to create scoring opportunities from all areas of the field (X, wing, GLE, top center, etc).  Coach Marriott will explain how to read the defense and utilize the pick-and-roll, pick-and-slip, the razor pick, and others.  The nuances of the two-man game (screen angles, types of passes, fakes, etc) will be reinforced through drills that help the players to truly understand why each look is preferable in certain situations to gain the best advantage over a defense.

  • If your son would like to be considered for this clinic, please email
  • For attack and middies
  • Class size: 16 players
  • 4-Class Session
  • Location: The Next Level (5420 Butler Road, Bethesda MD, 20816)