The Two-Way Midfielder [Travel Team Only] (Fall 2020)

The Two-Way Midfielder (Travel Team Only)

Grades 3-5 Fridays @ THS; 5:45-7:00pm Sept 18-Oct 30 $250
Grades 6-8 Mondays @ THS; 5:45-7:00pm Sept 14-Oct 26 $250

The best midfielders can dominate on the defensive and offensive end.  This clinic will begin with defensive instruction.  Defense is played from the bottom up, starting with proper footwork, then with active hands, and lastly with the stick.  Coaches will teach breaking down on ball, positioning off ball, driving on a ball-carrier’s hip, sliding technique, and throwing the right stick checks.

We will then move to offensive instruction by teaching all the different ways a midfielder can score and assist a score. Once each player has all these options in their arsenal, the coaches will then teach when and where each move is most effective and what countermoves go with each situation.  Throughout these lessons, the coaches will emphasize general field awareness, game IQ, and proper stick protection.

*Prerequisites:  All players must currently be on a travel team roster.  To be considered for the clinic, please email Boh Mitchell at*

Inclement Weather Policy
*If inclement weather forces us to cancel a fall clinic session, we will send an email to this thread at least 60 minutes prior to the clinic start time
*If thunderstorms roll through during a clinic and a parent’s car is not present, clinic participants and coaches will take cover in the front of the school at WES, or front of the gym at The Heights, under a very large concrete porch
*Sunday Nov 1, Saturday Nov 8, and Sunday Nov 9 are the makeup days if we are forced to cancel a Monday of Friday session
*As long as 80% of the sessions are held, we will not issue a credit or refund
*If less than 80% of the sessions are held, we will offer a prorated credit or refund to all clinic participants

  • For Midfielders
  • 7-Class Session
  • Class Size: 16
  • Location: The Heights School (10400 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20854)