Next Level Lacrosse

Boys Little & Big Spartans Rec League (Fall 2023)


At Little & Big Spartans, we are reimagining recreational lacrosse. Over are the days of smelly-old pennies, itchy grass fields, and a sub-par lacrosse experience. In are the days of meticulously designed jerseys, beautiful turf fields, and most importantly, an immersive lacrosse experience that engages players and parents on and off the field.

Built on our four pillars of success, Competition, Communication, Compassion, and Community, Little & Big Spartans emphasizes a holistic approach to recreational sports- focusing on player and character development in a fun environment for the players and an easy and accessible experience for the parents.

Our unique 8v8 half-field format emphasizes player development and fun. Throughout the six weeks, players will practice with their teammates and coaches, play in games, compete for a championship, gain exposure to great lacrosse players, and have excessive amounts of fun. Parents will be assisted by ease of communication through the TeamSnap app, pre-determined field locations, and unfettered access to drinks and snacks!

Dates: September 10, 17, 24 | October 1, 8, 15 (22 – makeup if needed)

Location: The Heights School
(10400 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20816)

Cost: $275

Teams and Times:
Little Red (K-1st) 11:00-12:30pm
Little Blue (2nd-3rd) 12:30-2:00pm
Big Red (4th-5th) 2:00-4:00pm
Big Blue (6th-8th) 2:00-4:00pm


Our philosophy is rooted in our four pillars of success- Competition, Communication, Compassion, and Community. Everything that we do as coaches and staff are guided by these principles so that we can bring you and your player an unrivaled lacrosse and recreational experience.


While this is a recreational league devoid of the stresses of club sports, we still want our players to compete! The stakes may be different, but the goal is the same- to be the best player, teammate, and friend possible. All players will be expected to come ready to engage, improve, and immerse themselves in the experience.



We appreciate that it can be a challenge to commit your child to a league. To help lighten this burden, communication is a hallmark of Little Big Spartans. With TeamSnaps immersive experience, parents will be have a platform to coordinate carpool, receive weekly check-ins from coaches, view schedules and results, and have constant communication with the league officials. Using these capabilities, will help facilitate a great experience for everyone. Yes, parents too!



A recreational league is meant to be a safe and fun place for players to experience the sport. With this in mind, we champion compassion as one of our pillars of success. We expect all coaches, players, and parents to treat one another accordingly. Although we may wear different jerseys on game day, we are all a members of the same team at Little Big Spartans. This brings us to our final -and most important- pillar, community.



At Little Big Spartans, we want to cultivate community among staff, players, and families. Recreational sports are not merely an opportunity for activity on the field- it is a chance to build lasting friendships. People will come for lacrosse but stay for the community.



Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Emerson Smith Acree Russell Firestone
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Tilghman Avett Rohan Seam
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Charlie Burgdorf John Lopez
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Tanner Corcoran Matthew Deigan
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Harris Brownfield Ryan Lietz
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Niall McCullough Ezra Mintz
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Rhys Seiden-Maloney Charles Backfield
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Miles Rodriguez Turner Kranbuhl
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Elijah Adams Thomas Walker
Big Spartans Blue (Grades 6th-8th) Hyunjune Cho Brendan Choi
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) Kent Ohtsuka nathan famili
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) David Wright Will Riddle
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) Thomas Condell Kaiden Murphy
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) Gabriel Kam Sebastian Mah
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) Jacob Green Jacob Grabler
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) Bodhi Lay Ryland Smith Willis
Big Spartans Red (Grades 4th & 5th) Charles Firestone Joseph Scallan
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Michael DeBernardis Myron Lopez
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Louis Boland Finnegan Conner
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Wells Carroccio Leonardo Biancaniello
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Zachary Weinstein Kiran Chivvis
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Joshua Green William Allen
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Gray Steinhardt Toby Bock
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Haddon Barch John Phelan
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Parker Barch Pierce Yanushonis
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Stanley Billings Brian Stevens
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Thomas Pomponi James Bradbury
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Tripp Foley Shea Carolan
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Nico Burlin Holden Skeeters
Little Spartans Blue (Grades 2nd & 3rd) Van Ourisman CHASE COLE
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Teddy Aschenbach Ryan Clancy
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Luke McColough Charlie Kahn
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Arthur Alafoginis Henry Winterhalter
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Grant Steinhardt Luke Silverman
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) James Conicello Rahm Hunerkoch
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Sean Rehfield Nicholas Turner
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Timothy Connolly Jack Yeomans
Little Spartans Red (Grades K & 1st) Frank Samolis Miles Omar

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