Next Level Girls 2030



Next Level Girls 2030
Program Schedule, Benefits, and Costs for 2020-21 Season
Coach Sarah & Coach Mackenzie
Uniform (Price based on Uniform Needs and Future Order Form)
     *Next Level Travel Teams are keeping the same uniforms as last year for the 2020-2021 season.
     *If your daughter needs a new uniform for any reason, we will send an order form soon.
$50 – Team Backpack (optional)
$50 – Game Jersey (mandatory)
$40 – Game Skirt (mandatory)
$30 – Team Long Sleeve T-Shirt (optional) | $25 – Team Short Sleeve T-Shirt (optional)
$25 – Team Headband (optional)
FALL & WINTER ($900)
Two practices per week at Washington Episcopal School (WES)
Sunday games in local league (typically 7 or 8 games)
Three to four tournament days in late October or early to mid November
Early priority access and 20% off fall clinics at WES
One practice per week at WES
*Optional Box Lacrosse League at the St. James on Sundays (voted on by parents, price not included)
Early priority access and 10% off winter clinics at WES
SPRING & SUMMER ($1,000)
Two practices per week, at Washington Episcopal School (WES)
Spring League games on Sundays (typically 7 or 8 game season with playoffs)
Early priority access and 20% off spring clinics at WES
One practice per week, at WES
Two to three tournament days in late June or early to mid July
Early priority access and 20% off summer clinics at WES


# First Name Last Name
0 Lucy Mitchell
1 Emma Ross
2 Annika Joesten
3 Frances Cannon
6 Sophie Lange-Geise
8 Corinne Parisi
9 Isabella Lee
14 Lulu McBrady
18 Eleanor Peters
20 Alessandra Pagani
25 Halle Fields
88 Tierney HSU
99 Charlotte Amis
Campbell Scanlon
Libby Secrest


Sarah Greenberg

Sarah grew up in Southern California where she played mid-field throughout middle school and then through a twist of fate became the varsity starting goalie for her high school as a freshman. She received a B.S. in Environmental Science and Animal Science from Cornell University and is currently working on her Masters in Educational Leadership from George Mason University. Sarah lives in Rockville and works in D.C. as a math teacher at the Field School. She has continued to make lacrosse a major part of her life by playing for a post-collegiate club team in the Maryland Lacrosse League, coaching Field School’s varsity and JV lacrosse teams, and now by coaching for Next Level. Sarah says, “I love the game of lacrosse and I love teaching. Being a lacrosse coach is the dream…and I’m living it!”

Mackenzie Johnson

Mackenzie grew up in Northern Virginia where she fell in love with lacrosse playing at Centreville High School. She began her college career at Slippery Rock University, a Division II school outside of Pittsburgh. She completed her competitive lacrosse career at George Mason University, where she received a B.S. in Public Health. Mackenzie has coached at Centreville HS, and as lacrosse camp counselor for various programs. She continues to compete in post-collegiate leagues, has two dogs, and lives in Washington, DC where she works in launching technology solutions for clinical trails.