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The Next Level Lacrosse Store is conveniently located near the heart of Bethesda inside the Next Level Athletic Performance Center facility.  As experts of the game, we only carry the best products from the biggest names in the business: ECD, Adrenaline, Warrior, Brine, STX, Cascade, Under Armour, Nike, etc.  Players of all age levels can find the equipment they need at competitive prices.

Our goal is to be the best one-stop-shop lacrosse store in the area by providing all the equipment and services any lacrosse enthusiast would need. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are willing and able to help cut down and drill into shafts, provide advice on selecting the right gear, and help fit individuals into the proper equipment as needed.

We also provide elite stick stringing services year-round.  Our own clinic and travel team coach, Morgan Rhodes, is the service director.  Morgan works in-house so that heads that are dropped off or purchased are given to him immediately allowing us to get the strung head back to its owner in two to three business days.  And with our wide range of colored mesh and stringing available, we are able to string the head with the player’s school, club, or favorite sports team’s colors!

In a rush?  Print and fill out our Custom Stick Stringing Form to hand to our store representative when delivering the head to be strung.


Next Level Lacrosse Store
5420 Butler Rd
Bethesda, MD 20816

2019/2020 Travel Team Socks

Custom Next Level UA Hoodie – Youth

Custom Next Level UA Hoodie – Adult

Custom Next Level Infrared Jacket by UA

Custom Next Level Filled Jacket by New Balance

Women’s Clique Full Zip Jacket

Under Armour Flag Long Sleeve T

Under Armour Long Sleeve T’s

UA Women’s ‘Navy NL’ Long Sleeve T

Under Armour Men’s 1/4 Zip

Solid Navy Men’s 1/4 Zip (NO Hood) w/ White Logo

Women’s Cutter & Buck 1/2 Zip

Nike Women’s Full Zip Hoodie

Under Armour Flag Short Sleeve T

Under Armour Short Sleeve T’s

Next Level Lacrosse White Cotton T

Next Level Gray Cotton T

Spartan Head Cotton T

Next Level Boys Travel Team Shooting Shirts

Women’s UA ‘Navy NL’ Short Sleeve T

Women’s UA ‘American Spartan’ Short Sleeve T

Women’s UA ‘Spartan Spine’ Short Sleeve T

Women’s UA V-Neck Short Sleeve T

Next Level Sweat Pants by Adrenaline

Custom Next Level UA Sweatpants – Adult

Custom Next Level UA Sweatpants – Youth

Next Level Ventilator Tech Shorts by Adrenaline

2018/19 Boys Team Shorts

Custom Next Level Beanies

Custom Next Level Bucket Hats by Adrenaline

Custom Next Level Hats

Custom Next Level Visors

ECD Hero 2.0 Mesh

ECD Strings

Custom Stick Stringing


Warrior Evo 5

Offensive Head.

ECD Mirage Head

ECD Rebel Offense & Defense Heads

Warrior Regulator Max

Warrior Burn Face-Off Head

ECD Weapon X Face-Off Head

Warrior Nemesis 3

ECD Carbon Pro Shaft

Gait Ice Shaft

Warrior Warp Mini

Warrior Evo Warp Mini Complete Stick

  • Includes Warrior Tennis Ball
  • Specifically designed for girls/boys 4-7 years of age
  • Required stick to participate in our LaxKids Program

Warrior Burn Next (Complete Boys Stick)

  • Complete Introductory Stick
  • ALL Black
    • Black Shaft
    • Black Head
    • Black Mesh/Strings

Warrior Nemesis 3 – Complete Goalie Stick

STX Fortress 100 (Complete Girls Stick)

Girls Complete Stick

  • Beginner
  • One Size

Brine Mantra Rise (Complete Girls Stick)

Girls Complete Stick

  • Intermediate
  • One Size

Brine Dynasty Rise (Complete Girls Stick)

Girls Complete Stick

  • Beginner
  • One Size

Brine Mantra IV (Complete Women’s Stick)

Girls Complete Stick

  • Advanced
  • One Size

ECD Infinity (Complete Women’s Stick)

SISU Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

SISU Mouthguard Case

*Mouthguard sold separately

Brine Vantage II Goggle

STX 4Sight+ Goggles (Adult & Youth)

Brine Dynasty II Goggle

Cascade CPV-R Helmet

Cascade R Helmet

Cascade Throat Guards

For Goalie Helmets.

Warrior Burn Next Shoulder Pads



Under Armour Strategy LX Shoulder Pads

STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pads



Warrior Burn Next Arm Pads

Boys Introductory (Youth Sizes Only)

Adjustable Straps

All Black

Under Armour Strategy LX Arm Pads

STX Cell 3 Arm Pads

Intermediate/Advanced Players

Adjustable Straps


Non-Slip Rubber Grip

Warrior Burn Pro Elbow Pad

Warrior Burn Pro Arm Pad

Warrior Burn Next Gloves

Boys Introductory (Youth Sizes Only)

All Black

Under Armour Strategy LX Gloves

Boys Introductory

Black w/ White

UA Size Chart:

  • Small: Ages 6-8
  • Medium: Ages 8-13

Next Level Custom Treadband

STX Water Bottle with Straw

Squeeze water bottle with straw (and straw cap).

Perfect for drinking with a helmet on.

Custom Next Level Swax Lax Ball

Next Level Car Magnet

Custom Next Level Sideline Chair